Dev Blog #2 – And… action!

Part of creating believable worlds is having spaces which are lived in. People love to relax in their spare time, and what better place is there to forget the stress of living in tumultous times than the ampitheatre?

Our environment artist Omar has been hard at work creating this massive structure, which was located in the heart of Camulodonum (modern day Colchester). Many plays were held here to please the people of Camulodonum in their spare time, and were often attended by all manner of people.

‘A view from the crowd’, the typical citizen would have had a similar view!

This is a very work-in-progress shot of the ampitheatre, and it will be livened up a fair bit before it’s ready! That being said, we’re very happy with how Omar has captured the area

A view of the ampitheatre from above, we’ll be adding natural growth such as moss soon!

Jared has been working on the finalised animation systems for the characters. This includes the systems for handling all of the damage events, and will allow the AI to control the characters much in the same way as a player. These systems will be the basis for the hundreds of animations Toby is working on at the moment, as placeholders for when we shoot the finalised animations via mocap. We’ll show snippets of these in the near future!

Howard has been working on new lighting with the new buildings!

With that we bring our second dev blog to a close – we’re still working on our internal transitions, for which we’ll have news about towards late September!

Jared Merritt
Project Lead

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