The status of Contingent

We’re working on some internal changes within our team to switch the predominant developer from Dark Age Studios to Binary Spiders. We’re awaiting some legal checkboxes which may take some time and as yet is still unconfirmed, but in the meantime we’re working hard on the game and we’re still making progress!

Why is the legal stuff taking so long?

The reason this agreement is taking some time is due to IP limitations and concerns. We are ensuring that all of the IP being licenced in the agreement is secure and ready for Binary Spiders to use. This has to be done thoroughly, and we’re waiting on the final steps to allow us to take this forward.

How about development?

Contingent will continue development as normal – we aim to seek funding through investors and Kickstarter soon, we’ll provide information on this as soon as possible.

Our art team have been working hard on creating new assets for the game. Check out this sneak peek at a little WIP shot from an upcoming building (we’ll reveal it in it’s entirety soon!)

The last few weeks we’ve made a concerted effort to make progress on the AI, specifically squad to squad and unit to unit combat. We’re working on creating an optimal combat solution that enables performance and engages the player. Once we have our character art game ready, we’ll be able to animate this and show you visually all of the hard work we’ve been putting in!

We’ll release a more extensive blog about our development progress shortly – keep an eye on our Discord and the website!

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