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    Hi all!

    We have a few rules to make this forum a relaxing space to talk about Contingent and its development.

    1 | Discussion about other games
    If you’d like to talk about other companies products, so long as you are not promoting your own products, feel free to do so in the Off-Topic forum! We’d love to hear what everyone is playing, and if it’s something we play, we might join in!

    2 | Avoid toxicity
    Bullying, open toxicity and any overtly negative videos or streams should not be posted on the forums. This is to prevent a negative atmosphere within our community, but feel free to produce and promote content such as that elsewhere. This includes offensive nicknames and inappropriate profile pictures.

    3 | No illegal or illicit activity
    Naturally in accordance with our terms of service, no illegal or illicit activity is permitted (as deemed by community moderators). This will result in a permanent and irrevocable ban. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT YOU POST.

    4 | Promoted content should be related to Contingent
    We understand some of you are variety streamers or content creators, so if you plan to promote your Twitch or YouTube livestreams and videos, ensure you drop a message in Community Content when you are actively playing a Dark Age Studios game. This will ensure that when people come to visit your channel, they receive the content they expect.

    We may make changes to the rules at any point without informing everyone, so ensure you stay up to date by checking here before posting anything you might deem risky.

    If in doubt, ask a moderator or Dark Age Studios employee!

    You can find us on Discord for faster responses at:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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