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At the heart of Contingent is a skill-based melee combat system.

Whilst veterans of the genre will find themselves at home within our design, it will also be notably unique from its predecessors. The core components of real-time swings, parrying & feinting are all making their return but assembled specifically to avoid pitfalls of the past.

Emphasis will be placed on making our combat visually appealing as well as fun to play; victory can be earned without resorting to exploits and defeat will feel fair.

Combat will be played out with an array of weaponry from the dark ages, including swords, spears and shields, wielded in both one-handed and two-handed styles.

Real Time Tactics

Lead hundreds of soldiers into fierce and bloody battle with our Command system.

Squads will intelligently make decisions in the midst of combat based on your orders to
reduce micro-management, or you can queue a set of advanced orders to allow for precise planning.


Lay siege to great fortresses, capture villages and settlements, destroy assets to weaken your opposition.
This is what true warfare is about.
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