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At the heart of Contingent is a skill-based melee combat system.

Whilst veterans of the genre will find themselves at home within our design, it will also be notably unique from its predecessors.
The core components of real-time swings, parrying & feinting are all making their return but assembled specifically to avoid pitfalls of the past.

Emphasis will be placed on making our combat visually appealing as well as fun to play; victory can be earned without resorting to exploits and defeat will feel fair.

Combat will be played out with an array of weaponry from the dark ages, including swords, spears and shields, wielded in both one-handed and two-handed styles.

Lead Your Warband

Fight in dynamic real time battles, controlling thousands of soldiers using our Command system,
an army management tool designed to reduce micro-management and allow you to focus on the actual strategy behind your battles

Whispers At Court

Leverage your political power and subterfuge to sway your enemies through subtle manipulation.

Blackmail and murder anyone who dares to stand in your path, or create a
name for yourself as an upstanding and reliable ally.

Make friend and foe, but remember the winds of change may blur the lines.
Be ready for unexpected allies, but also agonizing betrayal.

Carrion for Crows

Rediscover the dark ages, a period of vibrant culture and rapid change,
but also of war, famine, death and despair.

Imposing hill forts dominate the landscape, and the deserted ruins of once
great Roman towns cast faint echoes to a more glorious past.

Explore a country that is as brutal as it is beautiful, with faithful recreations
of landmarks and a deep look into life in the dark ages.

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